Sea Kayak 2010
Explore the blue pearl of Siberia by a sea kayak.
Experienced kayakers are welcome to participate!

In the first half of June 2010 BAIKAL TREKKING is going to organize a sea kayak tour along the magnificent coast of brown bears – the North-West coast of Baikal. Here, on the over 300 km long coastal line there are no villages but pure nature. To get more impressions of the fascinating nature and the real feeling of the Siberian Taiga we are going to make some hikes into the Baikalsky Range. In this way we’ll explore the most spectacular part of the greatest Siberian Lake.

The participants are expected to have some experiences in sea kayaking and be ready to face a challenge to paddle up to 6-8 hours a day. If the weather is fine and there are no big waves, there’ll be fewer hours to paddle a day. But if we have to spend a couple of days waiting for the better paddling conditions, we’ll have to prove our strength on the next days.

To get from the starting point (the Baikalskoye village) to the endpoint (the cape Kocherikovskij) we have just 10 days. For we have just limited space in the kayaks for the gear and the food. That’s why the tour has a character of an expedition. En route we’ll visit some rangers of the Baikalo-Lenskiy nature reserve. So maybe we’ll have the chance to get some fish from them. Or we can also try to get some graylings ourselves.

The time for the tour is set for the beginning of June because of the best chances to see brown bears on the shores. It is exactly the time, when all the bears come out of the mountains to the lake as they find lots of food rich in protein here. This is millions of small moths, which cover all the stones near the water. So the bears like to walk along the shore even at the daytime. Not to be surprised at night by a visitor we’ll have to let our camp fire burning all the nights long.

This tour is a great combination of impressions given by a stunning nature and a challenging kayaking. If you think, it’d be something for you, you can apply for the participation by BAIKAL TREKKING.