Oldbelivers represents a religious minority of Russians which did not accept the church reforms of the Patriarch Nikon in the late 17th century. They were persecuted by the Russian-orthodox Church of that time and had to leave therefore their usual domicile in the West of Russia and to move to the East. Many families of the Oldbelivers settled in Buryatia.

The oldbelivers differ from "normal" Russians and Buryat by the peculiarity in the every-day life, for example they paint multicolor patterns on their houses and household objects. They are also known as very cheerful and diligent people.

If you go with us to one of the villages of oldbelivers (Bolshoy Kunaley) you would have a possibility to have a look at their original way of living by visiting a family. Besides, oldbelivers are also famous for their hospitality!