Hushir lies in the middle of the island Olkhon on its western shore. There live over 1200 people whose main occupation is fishing. From the first sight resembles Hushir a bit Wild West, especially in summer, where there are lots of visitors on the island. Twice a year Olkhon is completely separate from the mainland. The first "autonomous time" comes on the island between the last ferry and first firm ice which one can drive over (10.12-25.01). And the second one comes in spring where ice becomes unsafe but the ferry still does not function (10.04-15.05. Recently Olkhon has got electricity and with that possibility of mobile calls!

Because of landscape beauty of Olkhon and Hushir’s convenient situation as the best starting point for one-day trips, tourism booms there. There are meanwhile lots of private pensions and summer houses for rent in Hushir which attract holiday-makers from all over the world, not only Russians. So one gets the impressions in Hushir Mid July as if the Russian and foreign visitors as many as village inhabitants themselves were.