Visiting Evenk people
The Evenks, also known as Tungus, are the real aborigines of Siberia. Long before the Buryats, Jakuts and Mongolians appeared in the human history of Siberia, the Evenks already had lived here. Evenks were those people, who crossed the Bering straits and settled the North America and then the South America whom we know now as Indians. But they went not only this way, they also spread all over the territory of the northern part of the nowadays of Russia from Kamchatka, Chukotski Peninsula in the East up to the Barents Sea in the West. Once a numerous people they are now just a few thousand left – there are only 35.000 Evenks in the world. As ages ago their traditional occupation still remains the same – reindeer-breeding, hunting and fishing. They live far from the civilization in the mountains, forests and swamps.

We, BAIKAL TREKKING, are lucky to have some friends among the Evenks living in the Kodar mountains at the border to Jakutia. They have a whole valley with a river in the mountains for their reindeer herd. So they roam within the valley from the lower reaches of the river in January upstreams to the glacier in August and then down streams again. It is very interesting to visit them and see how they live there. You often get the feeling, you are like thousand years back. By Evenks you can learn a lot about the nature. What we call survival now is for Evenks just normal life. So they are really the best experts in it. Visiting Evenks you can experience the moving with the reindeer herd, look after the calves, go hunting or fishing, gather medicinal herbs and do many other interesting things. The tour to the Evenks we can combine with a visit of a GULAG camp. Here you can read more about it. For the tour to Evenks you would need at least 12 days if you start from and come back to Irkutsk.

If you are interested in tour to Evenks, please send us an e-mail and let us know:
  1. when are you going to come
  2. how many are you
  3. what are your interests and ideas
So we will surely offer you a program, which suit you best.