Olkha Plateau / South of Baikal region
Olcha Plateau is a triangle situated between the Angara river, the south-western shore of Baikal and the Irkut River. It is famous for its exotic rocks that appeared because of movements of the glacier. Thanks to their bizarre appearance these rocks are considered to be natural wonders and they all have names. If You see them You'll surely be surprised at their shape too. One of them called "The Idol" a 30 meters high stone pillar with a massive head looks like a statue from Easter Island. The rock "The Old woman " has got a wrinkled face with a large hooked nose and vicious eyes. "The Warrior" is at the first glance just a wall of rock 40 meters high. But if we look at it more attentively we'll see the profile of a stern warrior with a firm chin and a helm on his head. "The Sibiryack" is just a pile of huge stones at the slope of a hill. It is interesting because of hollow spaces between the rocks that make amazing passages through the hill. Though all these rocks and some others are situated amid the taiga they are easy to get to as there are convenient paths there.