Wild watching tours in the region of Lake Baikal
We, BAIKAL TREKKING, are neither professional zoologists nor ornithologist. But thank to our occupation we spend a lot of time in the nature and so we know where and when different kinds of animals and birds are to be seen. Our main objects of interest are the brown bear, the Baikal seal – nerpa and different kinds of birds of prey.

To see the brown bear we organize our kayak tour along the north-west coast of Baikal in June. To read more information about it click here. It is the only one opportunity to see bears for sure.

To see the seals of Baikal, the nerpas, is much easier to organize. We know a certain place where a pretty big group of seals come to the shore to enjoy the sun laying on the stones. If the weather is good (sunshine, no waves and no strong wind), we can guarantee that you’ll see the Baikal seals on our tour. The best time for it is from Mai to September.

If you are interested in watching birds, we’ll take you to the Lena River. There you can see many different kinds of birds of prey like kites, buzzards, harriers, eagles, owls but also cranes, storks and lots of smaller birds.

So if you are interested in our offer, please send us an e-mail and let us know:
  1. when are you going to come
  2. how many are you
  3. what are your interests and ideas
So we will surely offer you a program, which suit you best.