Visit of a GULAG camp
If you are interested in the history of Russia to the Soviet time, a visit of a GULAG camp would be surely an unforgettable experience for you.

There were hundreds of Stalin-camps also called "camps of death" all over Siberia. The prisoners did wood cutting, mining, fishery and many other jobs depending on the demand of the Soviet state. Almost all of them died suffering there because of the brutal working and living conditions – it was the only one way to get out of the hell. Some of the prisoners preferred to be shot on the barbed wire while trying to escape. This is the most tragic and disgraceful part of the Russian history of the 20. century.

After the death of Stalin all the GULAGS were disbanded. But some of them look still so as if they were just left. While there you understand how horrible we humans can make our world...

To do a tour to the next GULAG, which still is in a good condition, we would need at least 9 days. For we would take you to the border of Jakutia. On this tour we also will have the opportunity to visit Evenks, the real aborigines of Siberia. To get more information about the Evenks click here.

If you are interested in visiting of a GULAG, please send us an e-mail and let us know:
  1. when are you going to come
  2. how many are you
  3. what are your interests and ideas
So we will surely offer you a program, which suit you best.