See kayaking on Lake Baikal
No doubt Lake Baikal is great for see kayaking. And in our opinion it is even the best way to explore Baikal. But it is absolutely the wrong place, where you should do your first experiences in this sport!

Every year in the beginning of June we organize a kayak tour along the north-west coast of Baikal, also called the Coast of Brown Bears. In fact there are much more bears here than people. For there are no villages here for more than 200 km – between the village Onguren, the starting point of our tour and the village Baikalskoje, the end point. We do this tour always at the same time because of some certain kind of flies, which come in millions out of the water and cover all the shores with themselves. All the bears which live on the both sides of Baikalskiy mountain range are to this time here, on the shore to get lots of food rich in protein. So it is the best time to watch brown bears on Lake Baikal.


But this tour is interesting not only because of the bears. This part of Baikal is surely one of the most spectacular. Because of the fact, that there are no roads here, you see Baikal so as it was centuries ago! And as for the Baikal seal, you see them many times a day.

This tour is only for those who are really experienced in kayaking. We paddle 10 days for around 4-5 hours. If the weather doesn’t want us to go, we wait. So in the next days we have to do more hours. We already had sometimes to paddle up to 8 hours a day.

We also have kayaking tours in the central and in the southern parts of Baikal. They are not as hard as in the north but still very interesting. So we do kayaking around the Island Olkhon and between Buguldeyka and Listvyanka.

If you have just one or two days we still can offer you a short tour from Listvyanka or on the Angara River.

You also can rent kayaks and do a tour on your own.

So if you are interested in sea kayaking on Baikal, please send us an e-mail and let us know:
  1. when are you going to come
  2. how many are you
  3. what are your interests and ideas
So we will surely offer you a program, which suit you best.