Baikal Ice 2001-2005
(photos of our ice – trekking tours)

Dear friends,
On this page you will find the photos which we took on our traditional winter tour BAIKAL ICE on Lake Baikal as well as in Sayan Mountains in February-March of 2001-2003. We hope, you will enjoy them!

The first steps on the ice
Having fun...

2002 was the warmest winter since years and years. That's why the Baikal lake didn't freeze completely.
Trekking in the sand dynes on the island Olkchon
Horses of Olchon

Just ice...
Our camp

Fischermen working
We are going to have fish for supper
That is a nice place!

An icejewel
Tonight we'll sleep in a hunter-hut
Wandering artists

View from a tent
In a village shop
Unbelievable, but the mountains on another shore are at the distance of 50 km

A crack
Where ice and rock meet...
Getting water

View from an ice cave
It was a short swim, brrrrr!
View onto the mountains from our fireplace